DataTamer Cross is for processing streamflow gaugings and is supplied as an extension of DataTamer  Manager.  It can import the raw data collected during a gauging, compute the flow and store both the raw data and the results.  Keeping the original data means you can check the gauging calculation later if you suspect their may have been a problem with the gauging.

The screen shot shows a gauging loaded into the editor.  You can change the numbers in the grid and the graph will update.  A toolbar button and short-cut key let you repeat the flow calculation, and the results appear in the upper pane.  The results show the velocity at each vertical so you can repair mistakes quickly.

You can also get the results of the gauging by clicking on the gauging in the tree control.  Cross reads the raw data from the file and does the calculation again.  This means that you are seeing the results computed from the actual data, and not derived data stored elsewhere.