DataTamer has a GIS program to display a map and draw graphs.  You can build a map using ESRI shape files as layers.  The bottom layer can be a bitmap image or a jpeg file.  Click on a point and Finder will draw a graph.

Regrettably, this is almost the sum total of what Finder does, and the lack of features is because modern GIS applications are built inside the various ArcView modules or MapInfo.   Rather that play catch up, Finder offers the graphing module as a COM Component.  This lets your GIS programmers design their application and then call into Finder to make the graph.  ArcView offers a Visual Basic platform to programmers, and the Finder Graph component is compatible with this environment.

The screen shot shows the list of layers on the map, the map itself, and a list of selected sites.  The graph is drawn in a window on top of the Finder window.