Hilltop Software sells the DataTamer suite for storing and analysing environmental data. The software is used in New Zealand by regional councils, electricity companies and consulting engineers.  DataTamer is a set of modules that you purchase to meet your own requirements.  Everyone buys the Manager, Hydro and Prep modules and then adds the other ones as needed.

Manager does the database management functions of add, edit, delete and rename.  It is also good for getting quick graphs of the data.  While it was originally designed for the people who look after the data, management staff also use it because they can see the data easily.  Hydro is the reporting module and it prepares tables and graphs.  The graphs can be simple graph over time, or more complicated ones like probability distribution.  You have more control over the style of the graphs in Hydro, and so this module is used for preparing graphs to be included in reports.  Prep is an import/export facility.  You can send data to a variety of formats, or import it into programs like Excel.  Prep includes an OLE DB Provider which makes the data appears to be in a relational database and accessible by query tools.

The optional modules are for specialised tasks.  Event does frequency analysis. You select extrema from the data and can then fit various distributions to the data.  This lets you make statements about likely return periods.  The DataTamer Cross and Reach modules are for working with cross section data.  Cross is for gaugings and constructing ratings curves. It can accept data from various field instruments, calculate the flow and store the original data.  This last feature is useful if you need to check the gauging and correct any errors.  Cross includes a graphical editor for inspecting and editing rating curves.  DataTamer Reach is for cross sections that were surveyed to a datum.  Reach stores the section information and takes account of the date of the survey.  It can build complete sections for partial surveys and draw graphs and tables of how the bed is moving over time.  Reach can also export the data to Mike-11 for more detailed analysis.

The Web module is a set of Active Server Components for use on a Web Server.  One of the components can produce a graph of data in response to a request from the client browser.  This lets you build a web site to show up to date data, and allow viewers to choose their own time range.  Other components produce reports to show the state of rivers and rainfall during floods.