DataTamer Hydro can compute statistics and presents the results.  You choose a command from the Graphs or Tables menu item and a large dialog box appears.  This lets you adjust the command and select various options.  The screenshot shows the dialog when asking for a graph over time.  Items on the Options tab let you plot the actual data, like Manager does, or plot derived data such as fixed interval averages, moving means, volume or cumulative sum.  Options on the other tabs let you apply a time filter, set the axis range, make envelope plots and set the graph labels and colours. 

Dialog box for the Graph over time command

The dialog  box for each command has the same layout but the options vary.  The aim is to reduce the number of menu items you need to learn, and offer customisation through the big dialog box.  The next screenshot shows a table of monthly means.  The same command can produce a table of monthly minima, maxima and calculate the amount of missing record in each month.

A table of monthly means

Graphs can be copied to the Windows Clipboard for pasting in a report.  All the table commands have an option to put the results into Clipboard too, and the output is formatted so that programs like Excel can put the results straight in the worksheet cells without any parsing steps.