Manager is the starting point for looking at your data.  A tree control shows the available data and you can click on an item to see how much data is available.  Click on a measurement and Manager will draw a graph.  You can drag the mouse through the graph to zoom in on the data.

The data editor has the graph at the top of the screen and shows the actual values underneath in an Excel style grid.  You can move the split bar to make the graph a suitable size.  You can click on a point in the graph and the grid shows the point you clicked along with it neighbours.  Any changes you make to the values in the grid are shown immediately in the graph.  The editor lets you delete bad values quickly, and insert a gap marker, or let the software interpolate a replacement value.

You can start the editor as a viewer and it will not let you make changes to the data.  This is useful when you want to pick out the values from the time series.  The editor can also do a ramp correction to repair systematic errors.  The ramp correction can adjust the times of the data to compensate for a data logger clock being wrong, and can adjust the data values to match readings taken during site visits.  This lets you adjust for drift in a pressure transducer.