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Environmental data management software
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What is Hilltop?


Trusted by regional councils, electricity companies and consulting engineers, Hilltop software has been serving water science in New Zealand since 1997.

  • Collect, manage, and combine environmental data using multiple environmental data types.
  • See trends and correlate data through advanced statistics.
  • Capture hydrological survey data and calculate volumes, events, and movement.

Developed from an initial need to store water quality and stream flow data, our customers have helped shape our products from the beginning.

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Why Hilltop?

Water quality science

Manage the collection of water quality measurements, verify, and model your data using graphs and statistics. Correlate rainfall and flow to water quality data from different sites and create depth profiles to measure pH, water temperature or dissolved oxygen at various depths.

Hydrological science

Capture rainfall data and calculate events and drought periods. Generate rating curves from imported gaugings to calculate flow. Group survey cross-sections into a reach for volume calculations and track movement over time.

Multiple data types

Hilltop has a range of different data types for supporting environmental data sources, statitical and modelling use cases. See our full range of data types.

Quality assurance

Add quality markers for your data, record data changes in an audit trail, and store related documents. Graph quality improvements and uncertainties over time. Track asset movements and calibrations.

Data exchange

Collect data from remote sources, including instruments and other file formats. Export data and statistics. Connect directly to SCADA, telemetry, and archiving systems. Send data from one organization to another and combine data from servers and different sources into a single view. Publish data and statistics through a web service API and monitor incoming data for problems.

Scripting and app development

Scripting libraries provide access to catalogues, environmental data and statistics for web and app development, data science or reporting.