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Technical Support

Technical support is available to licensed Hilltop users through our dedicated online support portal and support email address. Use the support channels for troubleshooting, suggesting new features or reporting a problem.

Support hours

Hilltop offers technical support for licensed customers during business hours.

24/7 on-call support is available as an additional service.

Contacting Support

To contact support, use the Hilltop Support portal or email Please email us at if you would like a login to the support portal. The support portal allows you to track and add comments to your support requests.

Sending large files to support

To send large files to the support team use the Support uploads link on our Hilltop Release Notes site. You will need a Hilltop login to access the Hilltop Release Notes site.

Development portal access for councils

Access to the development portal is available in a limited number to council customers. This portal allows access to the issue backlog across the council sector and direct access to the development team. Please see your Hilltop team leader about the current access for your council.

Hilltop login and online services

To access our Hilltop Documentation, the Hilltop Community and Hilltop Releases, you will need to be a licensed Hilltop user with a Hilltop login.

Your Hilltop login is a different login from your Hilltop Support portal login.

Contact support to have a Hilltop login created for you.

Documentation and Community support

For guidance on how to use the software, consult the documentation or ask for help on the Hilltop Community site. The Hilltop Community site is available to share knowledge and access help from the wider Hilltop community. Queries to Technical Support on how to use the software are given a lower priority than other Technical Support requests, due to the availability of the documentation, community help channels and training referrals.

Release notes and software downloads

Hilltop software releases are available for download on our Hilltop Releases website.

Software release announcements

Release announcements are posted to the community site. Subscribe to the Release Announcements category on the community site to receive email notifications of new Hilltop software releases.

Hilltop training

The Hilltop team does not provide training but we can provide referrals to training providers familiar with Hilltop software. Please contact us for more information.

Professional and Managed Services

Hilltop provides software development as Professional Services for maintaining and extending your existing bespoke Hilltop Software. If you are looking for some development, please get in touch to discuss your project.

Hilltop also provides Managed Services to maintain your Hilltop installation, troubleshoot issues and keep the software up to date. If you’re interested in some help maintaining your system, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.